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Screened material that is intended to cover large open areas in your yard. Mainly used to add aesthetic value, reduce erosion and control dust at sites such as: private residences, common areas of major master planned developments, apartments complexes, retail, hotels, resorts. It is also used on city, county, and state streets and highways.

Screened material 15%-30% fines.  

Fines are included in rock products and help stabilize the base for the rock and reduce weed growth after installation.

During processing, dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance. After installation, the rock will need to be rinsed off to show the natural beauty and character.


2000 Pounds
  • -Reduce maintenance in any yard.
    -Replace large water consumption grass areas.
    -Keeps the ground cooler in the morning reducing ground evaporation.
    -Reduces wear and tear on your lawn, as well as, the need for weed killers.
    -The decorative landscape rocks heat up during the day and keep the ground warmer through the night.

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